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Month: December 2014


Sighs ripple off her tongue. She’s standing there, in the middle of no where, waiting patiently for that train to appear. It’s the dead of night. She stands on a […]

Thought Provoking

We are the developed beings of the past. Their bodies dead and gone. Their minds linear to ours. They’re the founders of our instinct. The reasoning of our intuition. Where has our minds taken us? […]

Being Human

During the day I am a frail human parading around, Wearing a crown of thorns. Counting my coins. They’re far from gold. I’m enveloped in a days worth of Emotions. […]

Dusk to Dusk

It’s not your eyes It’s not what you say It’s not your laughter that gives you away. You’re just lonely, Too long. All your acting Your thin disguise All your […]