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Unlikely Friendship


Two worlds;

A city boy, a suburban girl.

His castle, her shack.

His rich, her poor.

His family, hers broken.

He’d traveled the world. She’d traveled as far as her borders allowed.

Two opposite worlds introduced. They spent one night together and knew their lives had changed. Quickly bonding over books, philosophies, and tantalizing banter. Both carried a quick wit and a classy rapport. They held their pride in their front pockets.

Him reckless, her careful.
Both in love.
Both unaware of how to tame it.
Both demanding control of the other.
Both stubborn as day
And filled with desire.

A love much too wild.
A love much too short.

She’d shy away from confrontation. He’d invite it into his home.

She carried memories around like souvenirs, he bought all of his brand new.

But if souls are made of stardust and rain, his and mine were made of the same.


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