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Exquisitely Unsatisfied

As humans we were given a free will to do as we choose. Along this journey our will is tested along with our ethics and morality. Selfishness is an immanent characteristic within us, but it is the ones with the most animosity that are the most stoic. addiction lives inside us all. it is our deepest pleasures that leave us exquisitely unsatisfied, wanting more, craving more. We love our addictions, we’re addicted to ourselves. Each new generation ups the ante on how far we can take our addictions, our bodies, our creations, rendering past lifestyles obsolete, seamlessly, as if our entire being is operated by the same vital force of life.

Society decides in unity, intuitively, when it’s time for the next manifestation of a divergent time continuum. This is a mechanical world we live in, defining time as mathematical concepts, natural facts and social temporaries that prepare us for the next phenomena, succeeded by more phenomena. Rhythmic patterns which we do not recognize. Our addictions create the muse to relinquish us from our fears of the unknown and these rhythmic patterns which we do not recognize.

Faith and morality are what takes us through life. It is within circumstance that we reveal true character, in retrospect, the dramatic consequence of our decisions are that of which guide our spirits to our destiny. With age and experience we tend to separate ourselves from our youth, most becoming degenerates, repeating the same mistakes over and over. The cessation of innocence leads to a disregard of demanding more then just an average life. We become mundane.

The secret to your imagination is holding onto the essence of chastity in the ignorant, ebullient mind of a child, untainted by frivolous notions and folly sorrow. There’s an art to life and living and even to mastering failure. Be an urbane paragon. You’ll find happiness is not having a replete stash of our addictions to momentarily seize the savage inside ourselves but it is the actual complete state of harmony within ourselves.

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