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Circles of Burning Red


“You’re Being Bad,”
I voice to myself.

These words like a fiery halo
swirling over my head.

I lay alone on my bed;
my legs stretch long and light,
as my elbows are the posts for my torso
allowing for my spine to arch deeply.
My head hangs from my neck,
eyelids closed.

I am helpless to the insistent
circles of ardor his fingers lightly traced
upon my inner thigh
I can still feel, teasing me.

I bit my bottom lip until it’s plum red.
“This lust is revolutionary,”
I moan to an empty room.

I’m obedient
without being told.

His skin;
the scent itself is poisonous,
he’s cloaked in it.
Clinging to him.
yet, I lay alone.

I am no longer wild, 
I am a slave
of his design.
A prey to his predation.
Held captive by
these burning circles of desire
I can still feel.

I Feel Fire


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