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The Souls Twin

Twin love
I remember you.
I dreamt of you as a young girl.
though my prolific girlish imagination
could not conjure up the beautiful creases
your skin etches upon your face you first appeared to me
in the near winter of November
as an oyster of blazing heat.
You were a flame I held in the palm of my hand.
The scorching sensation of you coursed
throughout my body, registering
as the critical cure to my coldness.
You made me full.
We tangoed to the mellifluous song of our hearts
in the forest of our mutable natures.
My dear boy,
running rampant through my veins,
you should know this; you are
the incandescent light beaming in the street lamp
down a silent alley that I wearily walk.
You are the vindicating whisper of the wind
narrating me to push back
when I stumble at the force of life’s blows.
You are the distant boat in the sea at dawn
sailing back to the shore of my heart.
You breathe life into me.
You are my twelve o’ clock.
Like the ticking of the hour hand
I will always come right back to you.
Don’t you realize, my dear,
It was always you.
It will always only be you.
You see, love is elementary,
and you are the elements.

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