The Artist & her

She’s astonishing. A real life bouncing doll. He stares at the breaking horizon of princess-red lips. Standing from the shore of his heart, tranced by a golden sea of curls. […]

Famously Dangerous

  I began to dream again, every night, for the first time since I was a little girl. I conjured up these crazy, wildly passionate, adventurous, vivid dreams. You were […]

The Souls Twin

I remember you. I dreamt of you as a young girl. though my prolific girlish imagination could not conjure up the beautiful creases your skin etches upon your face you first […]

Photo Challenge #60 – Short Story

My legs launched me forward. I frantically ran hard from the back entrance of the club house. I flung my body perpendicular into the pool, turning my shoulders on the […]


I ran out of my house slamming the front door shut at my heels. I sprang out onto my driveway frantically gasping for air. There was no loud piercing sound, […]

Transparent Window

(Photographer Unknown) You are a transparent window You are separated by different quadrants You’re looking from the inside – out Staring out at the storm you’re living in You are […]


Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing – Camille Pissarro     Instagram: PlayTay89


Artwork by Thomas Saliot   I dream of laying in a fancy room blanketed in white: white walls, white sheets, white furniture, white carpeting. A royal bed sitting center of the […]

DailyPostPhotoChallenge 2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.” The walk of the warrior. This picture was taken at sundown in South Africa. This picture captured the body of […]


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.” I took this picture through a fence while hiking! And then theres my butterfly picture!

By the light of the moon

You remember the nights you were young. The world would layer a dark cloak of dusk over the sky, awakening the moon and stars. You would lie roused, choking on the very breath that […]

To: Time, From: Youth

Don’t do it, time. Set down the metaphorical chalk and step away from the blackboard. I won’t stand for distorted images of the crippled years you’ve birthed to me, so […]

Circles of Burning Red

“You’re Being Bad,” I voice to myself. These words like a fiery halo swirling over my head. I lay alone on my bed; my legs stretch long and light, as my […]

Exquisitely Unsatisfied

As humans we were given a free will to do as we choose. Along this journey our will is tested along with our ethics and morality. Selfishness is an immanent […]

Unlikely Friendship

Two worlds; A city boy, a suburban girl. His castle, her shack. His rich, her poor. His family, hers broken. He’d traveled the world. She’d traveled as far as her […]


Sighs ripple off her tongue. She’s standing there, in the middle of no where, waiting patiently for that train to appear. It’s the dead of night. She stands on a […]