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Category: Poetry

Famously Dangerous

  I began to dream again, every night, for the first time since I was a little girl. I conjured up these crazy, wildly passionate, adventurous, vivid dreams. You were […]

The Souls Twin

I remember you. I dreamt of you as a young girl. though my prolific girlish imagination could not conjure up the beautiful creases your skin etches upon your face you first […]

Transparent Window

(Photographer Unknown) You are a transparent window You are separated by different quadrants You’re looking from the inside – out Staring out at the storm you’re living in You are […]

By the light of the moon

You remember the nights you were young. The world would layer a dark cloak of dusk over the sky, awakening the moon and stars. You would lie roused, choking on the very breath that […]

Circles of Burning Red

“You’re Being Bad,” I voice to myself. These words like a fiery halo swirling over my head. I lay alone on my bed; my legs stretch long and light, as my […]

Unlikely Friendship

Two worlds; A city boy, a suburban girl. His castle, her shack. His rich, her poor. His family, hers broken. He’d traveled the world. She’d traveled as far as her […]


Sighs ripple off her tongue. She’s standing there, in the middle of no where, waiting patiently for that train to appear. It’s the dead of night. She stands on a […]

Being Human

During the day I am a frail human parading around, Wearing a crown of thorns. Counting my coins. They’re far from gold. I’m enveloped in a days worth of Emotions. […]

Dusk to Dusk

It’s not your eyes It’s not what you say It’s not your laughter that gives you away. You’re just lonely, Too long. All your acting Your thin disguise All your […]